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NV SCBWI Annual Pitch Perfect Conference

Date(s) - 05/04/2019 - 05/05/2019
8:00 am - 3:00 pm

Gold Coast Hotel & Casino
4000 W. Flamingo Rd - Las Vegas, NV 89103

Join us for two days of inspiration and craft to get your manuscripts polished, pitches perfected, or ideas generated.

In conjunction with the 2019 NV Mentorship program, we’re ready to kickoff another great conference for both writers and illustrators.

Saturday 4 May 2019 – 8am – 6pm – A full day of craft, round tables, and speed pitching, and author signing with refreshments. You’ll have many opportunities to meet agents on both days.

Sunday 5 May 2019 – 9am – 3pm Two tracks: one for writers and another for Picture Book/Graphic Novel Workshop with editor Kait Feldmann and authors Arree Chung and Kit Lamug. Writer session will be on queries.

Conference fee:

$169.99 General member registration beginning March 2, 2019.

$189.99 Nonmembers can register beginning March 2, 2019. (Become a member!)

All registration will end April 30, 2019. We have a limit of 120 attendees.

Critique fee:

$45 for in-person critique with written – 14 min.

Manuscripts are due by April 1, 2019 to 

Critiques are available. Please register here:  LINK.


HOTEL: We sold out in 2018, so don’t wait too long to register and get your hotels. We have a limited number of hotel rooms at the Gold Coast at the rate of about $110 per night. Please call the hotel or go online: and use group code: A9WBC05 or call into The Gold Coast Hotel Reservations at 888-402-6278. We have a block of rooms held until April 1.


For a full description of bios, please visit the faculty page.

(List below in alphabetical order)


Kait Feldman – Associate Editor, Arthur A. Levine Books.

Karen Grencik – Agent, Red Fox Literary

Eliza Kirby – Agent, The Bent Agency

Hannah Mann – Agent, Writer’s House

Quressa Robinson – Agent, Nelson Literary

DongWon Song – Agent, Howard Morhaim Literary

We will be adding one more agent.



Erin Entrada Kelly, winner of 2018 Newberry Award – Keynote Speaker

(Authors in alphabetical order)

Jim Averbeck

Tera Lynn Childs

Arree Chung


Terri Farley

Ken Lamug

Diana Lopez

Jenny MacKay

Daria Peoples

Heather Petty

Lynda Sandoval

Suzanne Morgan Williams



If you’re interested in having lunch with the faculty, we have to use the catering service at the hotel which is expensive unfortunately. It is $45. If you’re interested in purchasing, it is a separate purchase. LINK.

There are many lunch spots, and we’re hoping there will be box lunches as well.


All cancellations will require a $10 fee for administration time.

If you cancel before March 15, you will receive a full refund less $10.

Cancellation fee between March 15 – April 20 will be $50, unless you have found someone to take your place. Then it will only be the $10 administration fee.

There are no refunds for cancellations between April 21 and the start of the program unless it is an unforeseen emergency. In that case, the team will review for the refund. We have hotel and food and beverage commitments that must be met and paid for in advance. Thanks for understanding.

One-on-one Critiques will be sold separately and emails sent to those in February. More info TBA.


Saturday: Welcome at 8:30am

9:00 am Keynote with Erin Entrada Kelly – 2018 Newberry Award Winner for Hello Universe

9:55 am Eliza Kirby – Agent, The Bent Agency

10:45 am First Pages – Round tables: Please see roster for table #

12:00 noon Lunch – On your own, unless you’ve paid for catered lunch. Box lunches also available.

1:15 pm – Hannah Mann – Agent, Writers House

2:05 pm Quressa Robinson – Agent, Nelson Literary

2:55 Break

3:10 Speed Pitches

4:10 Editor & Agent Panel

5:00 pm – Final Pitch

5:30 pm Book signing

6:30 Mentor and Faculty Dinner


SUNDAY – there will be concurrent programs on Sunday

Picture Book/Illustrator session with Arree Chung, Kait Feldman, and Ken Lamug

9:00 am DongWong Song, Agent Morhaim Literary will present to everyone

10:00 am Editor, Kait Feldman will present to everyone

At 10:55 – the Illustrator/Picture book program will begin and a Query Workshop for writers

For the Picture Book/Illustrator Program on Sunday Highlights:

General storytelling topics (words, pacing, character)
Concepts in picture book format
Arree and Kait review submitted work, provide critiqe
Ken’s storytelling concepts for graphic novel format & translating PB into graphic novels
Ken and Kait Review of submitted graphic novel and provide critique
All events will end by 3pm on Sunday


Faculty for the weekend:

Authors: Arree Chung, Jim Averbeck, TeraLynn Childs, Terri Farley, Erin Entrada Kelly, Kit Lamug, Diana Lopez, Jenny MacKay, Heather Petty, Lynda Sandoval, Suzanne Morgan Willilams.

Agents: Eliza Kirby (Bent Agency), Hannah Mann (Writers House), Quressa Robinson (Nelson Literary), DongWon Song (Morhaim Literary) – May have 1 more agent

Editor: Kait Feldmann, Editor at Arthur Levine/Scholastic

HOTEL: We sold out in 2018, so don’t wait too long to register and get your hotels. We have a limited number of hotel rooms at the Gold Coast at the rate of about $110 per night. Please call the hotel or go online: and use group code: A9WBC05 or call into The Gold Coast Hotel Reservations at 888-402-6278. We have a block of rooms but they may sell out.


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