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2019 NV Mentorship Application Due

Date(s) - 01/08/2019 - 01/10/2019
12:00 am


Finish up your manuscripts! The 2019 NV Mentorship Program will be accepting applications beginning September 1, 2018. All writers are encouraged to apply. You don’t need to live in Las Vegas. You must be a member. If you are not, you will be asked to join.

You must first register for the Mentorship Program. The fee to register is $40. Every applicant will receive a critique of their pages by a mentor or agent regardless of being selected for the program as part of the application process. You will submit 20 pages for the program application for the application, but only the first ten pages will receive a written critique. Applicants can not choose if their pages are critiqued by an agent or mentor.

The program fees for 2019 are $1350 (This does not include the hotel accommodations at Gold Coast – you must stay at the Gold Coast and use one of the room blocks if participating in the program. The rooms are $110 per night. We are trying to include all meals but it will be dependent on how many mentees are selected for the program. Regardless, if we don’t have banquet style meals, the costs will be reasonable. We’re reviewing all options to convenience (time savings for attendees), cost, and taste to make a decision. Some of the cost of the program is subsidized by the revenue made from the conference that is open to non-mentees in May. The program can not operate financially without the conference.

Mentees will be guaranteed critiques of their work with agents after the program through the online One Agent at a Time series. Although agent webinars are open to the general public, mentees are given priority for the written critiques for up to 3 agents after the program. The fees would still apply for the critiques. In addition, at the St. Mary’s Art Center writer’s retreat, there will be agents.

OPTIONAL Add-on to the NV Mentorship Program:

There is an optional agent program at the end of the mentorship program this year that is different from last year. We will have at least 2 agents at St. Mary’s Art Center in Virginia City, NV.

Date: Nov 8-9, 2019

St. Mary’s Cost: $200 includes shared room in St. Mary’s Art Center plus breakfast & lunch for the stay. We are still calculating the cost of dinners and may decide to include or pay separately depending on our finances. We need to breakeven in costs for this program. (You may opt to stay at a hotel or elsewhere in Virginia City at your own cost if you don’t want to share a room. If we run out of rooms or there is a roommate issue and require attendees to stay elsewhere, we will figure out a subsidy for the extra costs, but it is only if we lack space.) This will be a separate registration next year for those in the program.



Please carefully read the application details including submission information below.

You will submit 2 files. The entire application document of all the pages must be included in one MS Word document titled with your Lastname-firstname-agegroup-genre-Application. This file includes your 20-page manuscript, 1 page synopsis as well as pages 1 to 3 of the application. The second file is a separate 20-page manuscript plus 1 page of synopsis that must be titled by Lastname-Nameofmanuscript-agegroup-genre.

Example for file 1

Mun-Cynthia-MG-fantasy-Application.docx (whatever extension for a Word file you have)

YA for Young Adult, MG for Middle Grade. Picture book TEXT only – PB. We are NOT offering illustrator mentorships, but if you’d like to work on text, it is possible.

Example for file 2


Please ask for help from someone if you do not know how to do this. We will delete participants for not following directions and refund the fee. Not following submission instructions is the number one reason why agents don’t read your queries.



File 1:

Pages 1-20 your manuscript

Page 21 – a one page synopsis of your manuscript

Page 22 of the Application should be your contact information that includes the following:

* Name (not your pen name)

* Title of your manuscript, age group, genre, word count (manuscripts must be 85K or less words)

* Email address – we will be using this email address during the entire program, so, please put an email that you check often, because we’ve had issues regarding folks not receiving email in the past

* Mailing address

* Phone number. Preferably a mobile #. This is for time sensitive quick communication needs when an email just won’t do

* Indicate the order of preference for mentors. Mentors will pick manuscripts based on their interest of the work. If more than one mentor selects your manuscript, we’ll review your preference and assign as appropriate.

Page 23, please include a one page limit artist statement as to why you write. Double spaced, 12 point font. Please put your name on this page as well.

Page 24, please include SCBWI Event attendance and membership info. Please take a photo of the event history information from your SCBWI member profile page. If you’ve been to many, we just need the first page that shows your name as well.

Directions on where to find this information:

  • Go to SCBWI. Org. Sign in.
  • Go to Myhome on the right hand side, click on it then it should take you to your profile page
  • On the left hand side of the profile page, below the words that say “Change Password” you’ll see “Event History”
  • Click on Event History and it should display all the SCBWI events you’ve attended. Take a screen shot or take a photo then paste this photo into your word document as part of file 1.

FORMATTING your manuscript:  your 20 pages for submission. Please make sure your file is a in Word format and you follow the formatting guidelines posted here at the bottom of the page on this link:

EMAIL SUBMISSION: email both documents in one email with SUBJECT line 2019 NV Mentorship Program and send it to 

These instructions are specific BECAUSE it helps us organize and find your information quickly. SCBWI NV administrators are all volunteers so please help us save time. If this program takes more time than we have to offer then we won’t be able to offer it in the future.

Questions about the program can be sent to This email is not checked daily. You might be able to find your answers by asking folks on the SCBWI NV Facebook page. I have asked past mentees if they would be able to answer questions through Facebook. There is also a list of past mentees on the website, if you’d like to speak to them as well.


Due Date Schedule:

  • Sep. 1 – Jan 7, 2019 – Open application process.
  • February 15, 2019 – Announcement of Mentee Selection
  • February 20, 2019 – Selected mentees must email or mail manuscripts to mentors
  • Program Fee due in whole or in payments starting Feb. 20, 2019 by check. If making payments, additional fees will be due Mar 1 & Apr 1. All fees must be paid by April. All decision to participate must be made by February 20.

If mentee does not submit by 2/20/19, they forfeit and an alternate will be selected

  • May 3-5, 2019 – Kick-off for the Mentorship Program at Gold Coast Hotel in Las Vegas in conjunction with NV SCBWI conference.
  • November 8-10, 2019 – Optional 2nd meeting for mentees in Virginia City, Nevada (end of program). Agents will also attend this event.
  • If you’ve been selected, please make sure you make reservations at the Gold Coast Hotel for your hotel rooms using the room block since the price is better. Please go on-line to and use group code: A9WBC05 or call into The Gold Coast Hotel Reservations at 888-402-6278  before March 1, 2019. We only blocked 50 rooms total for the entire conference, and it is on a first-come-first-served basis for all mentees and conference attendees.