Who Should Apply

Who Should Apply

As with all SCBWI functions, the application process is open to any SCBWI member. This program is for SCBWI members only. Additionally, because the program is being designed and underwritten by the Nevada Region of SCBWI, some weight will be given to members from our region and the immediate vicinity (see the application process).

This is NOT an entry level program. It is designed for pre-published writers and illustrators who have been working at their craft and are producing publishable or almost publishable work, or for published members who want to improve their skills or branch into a new genre of children's books.

Pre-Published Authors:

Consider applying if:

  • You have been attending a critique group regularly and are beginning to get very positive feedback on your work.
  • You have submitted to publishers and received "good rejections."
  • You have been invited to send more work to an editor.
  • You have published in other fields or other genres of children's books and want to break into something new.
  • You aren't sure if you fit any of the above categories, but the program seems made for you, and you are willing to work hard and to respond to constructive criticism and comment.

Published/Agented Authors:

Consider applying if:

  • You want to change genres.
  • You're a midlist author who wants to publish higher (to push your craft and claim a more prominent place in the market).
  • You have recently lost an editor or publishing house and are looking for a new one.
  • You're just not sure about your new project.

All Applicants:





    • Picture Book Writers—you must have completed at least three manuscripts.
    • Chapter Book Writers and Novelists—you must have COMPLETED at least the first full draft of your manuscript. If accepted, you will be REQUIRED to submit a full draft of your manuscript, by e-mail, by August 1, 2015. Applicants who are accepted into the program and do not have a completed draft will be replaced by their mentor's alternate pick.
    • Nonfiction Authors—you must have completed a nonfiction book draft and be ready to submit it to your mentor, by e-mail, by August 1, 2015.
    • Illustrators—you will apply with good reproductions of 3 finished pieces and should have a portfolio of work suitable for children's books.

It also helps if you like to have fun.