"I learned to trust myself – the inner creative voice. I loved the sense of community at the retreat. It was magic. This is the best thing I have done for myself in recent memory."Barbara Marquand


"Loved it, loved it, loved it! It broadened my writing world 100 fold – geographically, by networking and meeting amazing writers and illustrators, and by giving me incredible support and feedback on a project very close to my heart." –  Fran Slayton


"The Nevada Mentor Program is what I wish I could have had when I was beginning. A platform between writing for myself and hoping to get published, and into the world of those who take their writing seriously and expect to be published, as well as training for how to present your work to editors and art agents with love and responsibility and not excuses."Teri Sloat, Mentor


"From the very begining of my decision to write for children I felt that I learned best by experience, not by reading about what to do. The mentorship program afforded me that opportunity for feedback … This seemed to exactly fit my learning style. The application process was easy enough but it was a big step for me. I really did keep my fingers crossed for several weeks. It was like winning the lottery." 

- Sheryll Hoeberg


"I am proud to have been part of such a worthwhile and extraordinary experience." – Christina Tugeau, Mentor 


"I’ve learned to look at my writing and my book(s) in a new way. Thanks for the amazing opportunity, the warm hospitality, and the belly-laughing session. I love Nevada." - Lindsay Eland


"The mentor program far exceeded my expectations. This was a life-changing experience for me. Without this program, my manuscript would be mouldering in the drawer." – Andrea Mock


"My mentorship had so many positives it’s hard to pick one out!" - Anonymous


"I’ve made new friendships and contacts here. My mentor was very generous in sharing helpful tips."Jeannie Harris


"This is a rare opportunity. The final weekend was great!" -Tracy Clark