Application Process

The application to the NV Mentorship Program 2018 is open to all writers of chapter books, middle grade and young adult novels. Both fiction and nonfiction submissions will be accepted. We require a $42 deposit (includes credit card processing fee) to submit your work for consideration. If your work is not chosen, you will receive a critique of your first ten pages and synopsis. If you are admitted, the $40 will be used towards your mentorship fee.


If you are accepted into the Nevada Mentorship program, you agree to:

Attend the opening retreat, revise your work using input from your mentor and return it for review MEETING ALL DEADLINES, and attend the closing retreat.

  • You further agree to be as cheerful, kind, and personable as your character allows—this is a long process and you want to come out of it with relationships as well as with better skills.
  • You acknowledge that acceptance to the mentorship program DOES NOT guarantee publication or introduction to people other than outlined in our program.


You must follow the directions below in submitting your work:

1) Format manuscript per generally accepted manuscript submission formats. 12 pt font in either Arial or Times Roman, double spaced, one-inch margins, inlcude page numbers and title of your manuscript HOWEVER DO NOT PUT YOUR NAME ON ANY OF THE PAGES. This is a blind submission process.

2) Include genre and word count on the title page of your manuscript & synopsis

3) Include a one page, 300 word or less, synopsis. Include title, genre, word count, but not your name. If you are writing a series or nonfiction, we need to know what your idea is for the series.

4) If you do not want to use the online payment method, you can send a check for $40 made out to SCBWI NV and mail it to 11329 Altura Vista Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89138

5) You must title your email subject as : NV MENTORSHIP PROGRAM SUBMISSION – YOUR NAME & GENRE. Name your file with YOUR NAME and TITLE OF MANUSCRIPT. Attach your manuscript and email to Nevada SCBWI email adress. Click Here.  

6) You must also send 3 PAPER copies of the first chapter or up to 20 pages of your novel by MAIL. Include the following with this mailing. PLEASE FORMAT CORRECTLY. 

a) Copy of your SCBWI Event History. If you go into your SCBWI account, you will be able to find your event history. This will tell us how many SCBWI events you have attended over the years

b) Artist Summary: 1 page, short bio, writing history, why you write, any publication info etc. 

c) List of preferred mentors in order. If you do not have a preference, please also state that.

d) Mail the package to SCBWI NV – 11329 Altura Vista Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89138

e) Package must be postmarked before June 30 and received by July 1.