The Application Process

If you are accepted into the Nevada Mentorship program, you agree to:

Attend the opening retreat, revise your work using input from your mentor and return it for review MEETING ALL DEADLINES, and attend the closing retreat.

  • You further agree to be as cheerful, kind, and personable as your character allows—this is a long process and you want to come out of it with relationships as well as with better skills.
  • You acknowledge that acceptance to the mentorship program DOES NOT guarantee publication or introduction to people other than outlined in our program.

Applicants for the mentor program will be asked to submit a packet of the following:

  • Work Samples:



    • Novelists, longer non-fiction works, chapter books: 3 copies*, of up to 20 pages (include a 1-page synopsis for longer fiction works or a 1-page outline for nonfiction —3 copies of this too!) of one work you intend to polish during the mentorship program.
    • Series Writers: As for novelists – send 3 copies* of up to 20 pages and synopsis of the FIRST book, and also include 3 copies of a page describing your idea for the series.
    • Picture Book authors: 3 copies each* of THREE picture book manuscripts that you intend to work on.
    • Picture Book author-illustrators: 3 copies* of each of 3 picture book manuscripts, plus for ONE of the manuscripts also send a dummy (2 copies*) and reproductions of two finished art pieces (3 copies each*) that go with the manuscript.
    • Other Author- illustrated projects: If you are illustrating a longer work, send three copies of up to 20 pages and a synopsis of that work plus 2 examples of finished art (3 copies of each finished art piece*).
    • Illustrators: Send 3 good color copies* of each of 3 -4 illustrations (copied to 8-1/2 X 11 paper) that are representative of your work. 


  • Regional/Commitment page (included in the application forms)—if you are chosen for the program, you may be asked to verify information you provide.
  • An artist's statement—one page, double spaced.
  • Deposit check of $100.00 made out to SCBWI. (Deposit will be applied to your fees if you are accepted and returned if you are not. Applicants who are accepted and turn down their placement will forfeit the application fee.)